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This policy explains how we use cookies and similar technologies in the course of our business. It explains what these technologies are, why and how we use them, as well as your rights with regards to controlling how they are used.
To turn off cookies, please see the "How do I turn cookies off?" section.

What exactly is a Cookie?

Cookies are tiny bits of data stored by websites on your device. RA, like most sites, uses cookies to optimise your experience on our site. They allow us to maintain our users preferences, provide information for reporting purposes and overall personalise your experience on the site. provide reporting information, and personalise your content and experience. For example, if you have previously logged into your RA profile on your phone its the cookies that keep you logged in for your next visit.

Why does RA need to use Cookies?

We’ve split the cookies that RA users into three main groups: necessary, analytics and third party.
Necessary cookies are fundamental to the proper usage of the RA site and services. Analytic Cookies assist us in gathering statistics and data in relation to the various actions taken by users to the site. Some of these are used for advertising purposes, as they allow us to track and target visitors interests. Some third parties also serve cookies through our site for advertising, analytics, and other purposes. We go into this in more detail below.

How exactly does the RA site use Cookies?

A visit to a page on our website may generate the following types of cookies:

  • Necessary cookies
    __cfduid, Auth Token, Device ID, Braintree, Ravelin

  • Analytics cookies
    Google Analytics, Facebook

  • Third-party cookies
    Braintree, Ravelin

  • Third-party advertising cookies
    Adsense, Facebook, Google Adwords

Necessary Cookies

When you register for an account with RA, we generate cookies that let us know whether you are signed in or not.
We use these cookies to establish which account you are signed in with and recognise you on your return. Furthermore, it also lets us associate any requests, posts, and comments you post with your profile.
While you are signed in, we combine information from necessary cookies with analytics cookies. These are then used to identify which pages you have visited on RA. For account security and fraud prevention, if you make a purchase on the site or register for a RA account, information such as your device fingerprint, browser fingerprint, and IP address will be collected.
It would not be possible to use the site without these cookies.

Analytics Cookies

When someone visits the RA site, an “anonymous analytics cookie” is generated. This cookie tells us whether this is a new visitor to the site or someone returning. The user’s browser will store this data and tell us whether you have this cookie or not, if not, we’ll create a new one.
This information is really useful to us as it helps us track how many individual users we have, how often they return to the site, how often our site is being used in general. It also helps us customise and, hopefully, improve your experience.
If you never sign into RA these cookies aren’t personally identifiable, only to devices. If you never log in we won’t be able to personally identify you.

Third-Party Cookies

Like many sites RA uses some third-party tools and services to improve our site, enable more features and improve your experience. These third-party tools can be split into four main categories:

  • Social
  • Analytics
  • Optimisation and Personalisation
  • Advertising

Advertising Cookies

RA has advertisements in a number of forms on the site. We need advertisements to create revenue to make RA what it is. We use cookies as part of this process to make adverts more relevant to you and your interests. It also means that you will not see the same ad over and over again. These cookies are anonymous — they store information about what you are looking at on our site, but not about who you are.

How Do I Turn Cookies Off?

When accessing our site, you have the right to accept or reject all cookies apart from those listed under the “Necessary Cookies” section, which are integral to proper site functionality. The full list has been copied below for your convenience:

  • Necessary cookies
    __cfduid, Auth Token, Device ID, Braintree, Ravelin

  • Analytics cookies
    Google Analytics, Facebook

  • Third-party cookies
    Braintree, Ravelin

  • Third-party advertising cookies
    Adsense, Facebook, Google Adwords

If you are primarily concerned about third-party cookies generated by advertisers, you can turn these off by going to the Your Online Choices site or the Your Ad Choices site. You can also use this site to control all third-party online advertising.
All modern browsers allow you to change your cookie settings, though disabling them means you may be unable to use our site or will experience issues when using our site. You can usually find these settings in the Options or Preferences menu of your browser. To understand and adjust these settings, the following links may be helpful:

Changes to This Cookie Policy

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We may update this Cookie Policy from time to time. We will notify you of any changes by posting the new Cookie Policy on our Site. Please review this Cookie Policy from time to time for any changes.

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