EX.690 Moritz von Oswald

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    Dec 7, 2023
  • "Always notice whatever is happening in the background." The acclaimed producer and composer discusses the art of meaningful listening and his latest album, Silencio.
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  • Moritz von Oswald's legacy as one of the trailblazers of contemporary techno precedes him. The artist's initial claim to fame was his involvement in the duo Basic Channel with Mark Ernestus, a project that formed the dub techno canon in the '90s and is still a primary reference point for many modern producers. He was also at the helm of the famous cutting and pressing plant Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin, which has become a home for countless artists over the years. But on this occasion, von Oswald sat down to discuss a more recent project: his album Silencio on Tresor Records, which came out in November. He talked with Resident Advisor's senior producer, Chloe Lula, about his lifelong love of jazz, tapestry, French film, Southern Italian opera and music from Central Asia. He also reflects on his production process—an endless exploration of drama and dynamics. He's fascinated with reducing sound to its most basic elements and broadening the capacity of what the ear can perceive. Most importantly, he's a critical listener, and in the final moments of the episode, he imparts wisdom on how he's learned to keep a conscious ear open to the world around him. Check out the episode in full.